What is nls® ?

nls® – Sales Training Will Ensure Your Sales Success

Neuro Liguistic Selling, abbreviated nls®, is a unique sales concept developed by Marc M. Galal. nls® in order to influence the mind through language.

Neuro Liguistic Selling, abbreviated nls®, is a sales concept developed by Marc M. Galal. This method is based on the recognized method of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (nlp™). nlp™ is an effective instrument primarily used for psychotherapeutic goals, but increasingly also in the areas of communication and reconditioning. The highly complex nlp™ techniques, however, are just as little adapted to the needs of modern salespeople as are traditional sales techniques. Marc M. Galal realized this discrepancy and developed the nlp™ methodology still further.

This is how nls® came into being.

Photo: Sales Trainer Marc M. Galal
Marc Galal

nls® - Neuro Linguistic Selling

nls® is the connection of both strategies – and more. nls® comprises all important areas of everyday sales activities, which makes it a very valuable and astoundingly effective communication tool.

nls® is the influencing of the mind through language. The emotional intelligence of the salesperson is being fostered, he or she learns to decipher the finest body language signal of its interlocutor and to react accordingly. A unique sales linguistics full of powerful keywords exerting an hypnotic effect is being used, as well as a convincing body language.

nls® enables the salesperson to understand his or her customers, to immerse oneself into the deepest thought structures of one’s interlocutors, to positively influence their decision-making patterns, to satisfy their needs and to make them truly enthusiastic. All this happens on an “interpersonal” level, leading to a long-lasting customer relationship and considerably increased revenues.

Thus nls® turns into an indispensable tool for modern professional salespeople.