Sales Training nls® 1 – The Power of Conviction

In this sales training, you will increase your power of conviction and you learn how to position your arguments even more pointedly.

Products, services or even good ideas don’t sell all by themselves. The market has become transparent and the customer today has a nearly limitless choice of nearly identical products from different manufacturers. But still there are successful salespeople and failing salespeople. Which secrets do the most successful elite salespeople have? What rhetoric skills and power of conviction do they possess? Discover the possibility to considerably increase your sales potential and to make the best use of your resources.

Training content

  • You will quickly remove your blockades and anxieties.
  • You will learn to convince yourself in order to convince others.
  • You will discover how to transform setbacks into opportunities.
  • You will learn about the basics of practical sales psychology.
  • You will learn about the basics of buying psychology.
  • You will exercise how to quickly win the trust of your customers.
  • You will train how to create fantastic curiosity.
  • You will be trained how to draw up a systematic needs and motives analysis.
  • You will exercise how to discover unspoken messages.
  • You discover the personality pattern of your customers and will learn how to ideally react to this pattern.
  • You will be trained how to stage an attractive presentation.
  • You will learn how you create strong purchasing desire in your customers.
  • You will learn how to come across as magnetic thanks to sales hypnosis.
  • You will have fun in strategically refuting objections.
  • You will experience how to effortlessly deal with difficult customers.
  • You will be astonished at how your customers send conscious and unconscious purchasing signals.
  • You’ll be surprised how you will be able to close a fantastic number of additional sales.

Training goals

The goal during these three days is to make you change your behavior thanks to video support and role-playing, in order to link your power of conviction with the newly acquired strategies, so that you will be able to put this new know-how directly to practical use. As support, you will draw up a sales guideline yourself, incorporating all the strategies you have learned.

Training certificate

Certified Neuro Linguistic Seller

Training methodology

  • Practical trainer impulses.
  • Practical role playing featuring the new contents.
  • Group exercises to intensify the contents.
  • Training with your own product and/or service.
  • Comprehensive training documentation and checklists.
  • Drawing up sales guidelines.
  • Analysis and feedback with video support.
  • You will receive your video recording at the end of the seminar.

Your investment

You will invest only 2,999.– € plus VAT.

Included are the participants’ documentation, lunch and refreshments.

Experience shows that this investment will be tax-deductible, and ROI will usually take place within two months.

Training timeframe

3-day training
(Training times are identical with those of a 4-day training.)

1st day 10:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.
2nd day 9:00 a.m. through 9:00 p.m.
3rd day 9:00 a.m. through 5:00 p.m.

Training dates and cities

to be announced

Target audience

This training is targeted at:
Sales office staff, sales representatives in the field, Key Account Managers, Head of Sales, telesales staff and everybody who wants to considerably improve their sales skills and their power of conviction.


Two coffee breaks per day, including pastry or cakes. Mineral water and other beverages in the seminar room.
Lunch buffet or three-course menu in the restaurant including one soft drink.

Additionally: a light meal (evenings 1 and 2).


Is the training content identical with the book?
Of course, the book provides a good basis for the nls® strategy. But Marc M. Galal presents specific topics and effective strategies exclusively in his training sessions. In addition, the acquired knowledge will be trained intensively so as to avoid falling back into old habits during your everyday sales activities.