Book: How to convince everybody - new strategies through 'sales hypnosis'


Your success is our goal.

Professionalism is our basis.

Competence is our commitment.

Sales Trainings – the Philosophy of the Marc M. Galal Institute

The Marc M. Galal Institute is specialized in showing companies and salespeople how they can achieve better sales by using sales linguistics and sales hypnosis. It is our task to support you, to accompany you and to empower you!

Sales promotion activities today play a decisive role in order to be successful and to stay successful. We not only want to help our customers to achieve more growth and more success; we also live what we demand:

Marc M. Galal spends about 30 days a year at international congresses and national seminars for further education in order to be able to provide the latest know-how to his customers.

In order to cover all these areas, Marc M. Galal has developed an incredibly effective sales strategy:

This key is called nls®

You can get to know the nls® strategy in our open seminars and individual corporate trainings. We can also support you by means of telephone and individual coaching sessions so that you can put into practice what you’ve learned more quickly and more effectively. Moreover, you have the possibility to take part in our email coaching and the sales forum.

Sales Trainer Marc M. Galal

Marc M. Galal Is a sought-after sales trainer and sales expert, who developed the unique nls® sales strategy that you can use to considerably increase your sales Brian Tracy says: “One of the best sales trainers in Europe”.

“A company does not live on what it produces but on what it sells.” This phrase is the leitmotif and the motto of Marc M. Galal. For him, personal and communicative growth play a big role in his seminars and their content and he also lives what he demands from his participants. As a top athlete he went to win the title of vice world champion. And he is firmly convinced that self-motivation and the conscious utilization of the concept guarantees success.

Photo: Sales Trainer Marc M. Galal
Photo: NLP doyen Dr. Richard Bandler

Marc M. Galal is a licenced trainer of the Society of NLP (USA) and enjoyed the privilege to be personally trained by NLP doyen Dr. Richard Bandler. His basic knowledge was gained in Europe There, he was active as a successful trainer in several renowned companies. In the US, he completed his training in the most renowned training academies. His mix of competence and humor makes Marc M. Galal an extremely popular and sought-after keynote speaker. In internal corporate and open seminars as well as individual coaching sessions, even over the phone, he imparts his entire knowledge to the participants, which leads to long-lasting success.

In order to be able to continuously train and teach according to the most recent scientific findings, he spends several weeks each year traveling to qualification programs in the United States. He’s one of the few sales trainers certified with the much sought after certificate of the Sales Professional Q 100 (Association DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. for Certification). In addition, he is a successful author. Already with his first book “So überzeugen Sie jeden. Neue Strategien durch Verkaufshypnose” (How to convince everybody. New strategies with sales hypnosis) he raced to the top of the bestseller lists.

Marc M. Galal has analyzed the connection between NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the laws of successful selling, and is used this knowledge to develop his own sales strategy. nls® Neuro Linguistik Selling® is regarded as a groundbreaking concept for communication and change and hence for more success in sales.